Mabes o medias perlas

System to value the Mabes or half Pearl



The system to value the mabes of Pteria sterna or Pearl oyster of Rainbow lips is similar to the one used for the valuation of other kind of pearls, this based on its orient, surface, color, forms and size. The surface and orient are the qualities that are rewarded with higher score.

The shape doesn't have the same meaning that in the free pearls, however they decrease the score because of defects in its base and width of its plane bases.

The color depends on the consumer's likes, however the uniformity and its intensity are well rewarded.




The orient is the combination of two factors, the capacity to reflect and diffract the light. This combination results in the internal shine of the half pearl, we have that mabés with high capacity of reflecting the light allows us to follow our image reflected as a mirror and mabés with high diffraction they present a high internal shine. This characteristic is qualified with 30 points.




The surface refers to imperfections and irregularities that can occur, in the surface of the half pearl. The uniformity is rewarded with 30 points.




The Shape refers to the regularity and the presence of imperfections that move away the mabe in a typical shape even circular, oval or in drop shape. The corresponding score is 20 points.




The color is also the proper characteristic of Concha Nacar mabes well-known as Pearl oyster of Rainbow lips, for that reason is qualified the uniformity and intensity with 20 points.




The size is the less qualified property in the hemispheric or almost hemispheric forms, it varies between the 12 and 19 mm of base circumference and 6 to 8 mm high, the maximum qualification is of 10 points.


The addition of points allows us to qualify the mabés like follows:


    Gem G 110 points or more

    AA 109 to 95 points

    A of 94 to 85 points

    B of 84 to 75 points

    C of 74 to 70 points


The mabes that get less than 70 points are not marketed for Jeweler's by Perlas del Cortez.




mabes o medias perlas